Well Service NOV 5C-DA RIg 2017


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Rig 2017 NOV Model 5C-DA Mobile Rig has the latest in oilfield technology offering excellent value with proven dependability.

The Mast 104'-2500,000# is monogrammed per API 4F, third edition, PSL-1 specifications. Five-Axle Self propelled Rig carrier Powered By Detroit diesel model series 60 engine 14 liter - 500 hp, with DDEC IV system control and diverted exhaust. Dry type air cleaner.  Allison model 4700-OFS transmission designed for oilfield service. Fully electronically controlled transmission featuring a modulated shift for softer gear changes and with automatic lock-up. Use five forward speeds and one reverse speed. constant mesh, planetary gearing with sized torque converter. 

D500BB draw works dynamically balanced drum with 20" (50,8 cm) OD-drum barrel with keyless frictional attachments to drum shaft. NOV keyless frictional attachment substantially reduces the high-stress points in the shaft. Brakes are 42" (106,7cm) diameter x 12" (30,5 cm), self-energized type, full wrap, dead-end equalized. Lebus counterbalanced grooving for drill line to assist spooling and reduce line wear. include lebus grooving welded to the drum barrel and wear plates. provisions for double fast line string up are standard. 42" (1.0668m) x 12" (30,48cm) brake rims.

Operator Console located at the rear of the carrier. air controls for main drum clutch, engine throttle, engine shutdown and auxiliary winch. engine safety warning system.

The new electronic engines will automatically ramp down the maximum available engine speed in the event of high engine water temperature, high engine oil temperature, or low engine oil pressure. This prevents a total unexpected loss fo power during critical operations providing for a controlled shut down for maintenance.

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