L&J RG80 mobile 5 axle workover/drilling Rig, model #LJ550, w/ L&J double drum draw works 42x12md, 42x8sd w/ L&J right angle gearbox assembly, unit is powered by a Caterpillar "Tier 3" C-15 electronic 540hp diesel engine, w/ TH35 caterpillar automatic electronic transmission model# TH35, it has twin built-in hydraulic pump  direct drives, with high capacity hyd. pumps, 220-gallon "Custom hydraulic tank with L&J internal baffle system built in, hydraulic filtration system, (2) 110 gal steel diesel tanks, 220-gallon "Custom" water tank for brake water cooling spray system & Eaton wcb224d water cooled assist brake w/ dual piston linings w/ min bore gear, complete hydraulic valve bank assembly w/ relief valve, (2) rear & (2) midship mounted hydraulic leveling legs, all wheel drive 10x8 including two front  axles and three rear axles, w/ (8) 12.00R20 drives tires /wheels, (4) 18x22.5 front steer axle tires/wheels.

Drivers Cab assembly w/ full electronic gauge panel, electric 6-speed shifter assy, low mount air ride seat, tilt wheel, heater, windshield wiper motor, blade, & arm. 

The unit has full walkways, ladder, & handrails, hydraulic utility winch, weight indicator w/ chart recorder included.

(2) sets of tools for well site service, (1) front tire/wheel assy for spare, (1)rear tire/wheel assy for spare.

(1) rear tire/wheel assy for spare

Draw works conform to API spec 7K

L&J "Custom built" Mast assy

The unit will have a Y-base mount mast assy; 108' x 300k capacity,

crown block assy will have (5) 1" groove crown sheaves,

hydraulic raised scope cylinder, escape line, and guy lines.

crown-o-Matic safety installed to prevent crowning out block.

Mast conforms to API spec 4F

Drilling Depth: 1500m (4920 ft) 4-1/2" drill pipe  

Nominal service depth: 5500m  (18,040 ft) 2-7/8" eue tubing Nominal workover depth: 3200m (10,496 ft) 3-1/2" drill pipe  

Max hook load: 1125kn (252,900#) static hook load.

RG80 Work over/ Service Rig 550hp


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